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  • Penny Gunderson

Alcohol Ink Encaustic Florals

Alcohol ink is an intensely tinted ink that makes very vibrant paintings.

I had some wooden cradle boards and canvas board that I had made random abstract backgrounds on. I use up leftover paint on the griddle by painting it randomly on assorted boards. Sometimes I use up wax scraped off of panels when I smooth them. I got out my alcohol inks squeeze bottles ands a few brushes and then looked up some floral reference photos.The pattern on the background of one panel suggested the sweeping upward thrust of Gladiolas.

Another warm tinted background suggested a fall sunset so I painted cattails on it. Alcohol ink and encaustic make a great pairing. The only concern is when displaying the work it needs to be kept out of direct sunlight because the ink fades.

#AlcoholInk #Encaustic #Floral

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