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  • Penny Gunderson

Attempting Cold Wax Painting

I had a small jar of Gamblin cold wax and decided to attempt painting using it and oil paint. I painted some canvas boards with black gesso and left other with a white gesso base. Combining 2/3 oil paint with 1/3 cold wax, I squeegeed paint onto the canvas boards with old credit cards.

I was very glad I had decide to wear gloves since it was a messy process and I soon had paint everywhere! Good thing I like to play with my art materials. I also learned that it was very easy to form mud.

After I was happy with the colors on the smaller canvases, I then added texture with a wooden fork's serrated edge scraping back to the black gesso.

Being so used to the instant drying of encaustic wax it felt strange to have to set these pieces aside to dry. I may work further on some of the boards later. I want to experiment with citrus cleaner and removing layers on some of the larger boards.

#coldwax #abstract

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